Visa to Vietnam

When a tourist comes to Vietnam, he/she need have a 6 month valid passport and a Visa granted by:
- Vietnamese embassy or consulate (if you want to have visa before arriving in Vietnam)
- Customs at the Airport or border gate (if you want to have visa upon arrival)
Normally, a visa is valid for one month. However, you can get multi-entry visa or ask for visa extension (in case you want to arrive and leave Vietnam many times or stay in Vietnam for a long time.)
What are visa doing procedures?

I. Getting Visa before arriving in Vietnam :

Appointment with Vietnamese Embassy       you can telephone Vietnamese Embassy in your country to ask for instructions. You’d better to check the website before getting visa
Visa service centers :       you can telephone Vietnamese Embassy in your country to ask for instructions. You’d better to check the website before getting visa
Visa service centers : You can contact visa service centers such as :
- Action Visas : sharply but expensive
- Advice Travel : Professional. The consultants will assist you during visa doing process.

II. Getting visa at the airport
You can ask for visa directly when you arrive in Vietnam. It is a very simple and cheap way. We  will help you to do this. Following is the procedures:

01. Supplying information:
For Visa application, we need the following information:
- Full name (Name as in passport)
- Sex (male/ female)
- Date of birth
- Nationality
- Passport number
- Arrival date
- Arrival flight number
- Departure date

02. Authorization letter:
These information will be sent to Vietnam Immigration Department, they will issue a letter of visa upon arrival for you. This letter will be scanned, sent to your email address or your fax. We  is happy to be of service to customers.
Attention :
You will be allowed to get on board at departure airport with copy of this letter At arrival airport in Vietnam, you can get the visa with this letter, your original passport and 02 photos 4CMx6CM

03. Stamp on the passport:
When you arrive at the airport (in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city), go the Customs Gate and show your authorization letter. You will get visa and stamp on the passport.
You have to fill in the form with all the information required and an one passport sized photo glued.
=>Please Click here to download Apllication for Entry and Exit Visa

04. Visa doing cost:
Please contact with travel consultant for more information about the cost of doing visa upon arrival. Getting visa in this way is much cheaper and more convenient than in Vietnamese Embassy before going to Vietnam.

III. Who does not need to have Visa ?

1. All Vietnamese who live and work in other countries (overseas Vietnamese) or foreigners who have Vietnamese wife, husband or parents living and working in Vietnam need not have visa under below conditions :
a. - Having passport or passport valued documents which is valid for at least 6 months. Vietnamese working and living overseas who does not have passport have to live at least 6 months in other countries before going to Vietnam.
b. - Having Visa exemption certificate granted by appropriate authorities (Vietnamese Embassy’s leader) Visa exemption certificate is valid for 90 days and granted for each individual. Children under 14 years old who share the same passport with parents will have the same Visa exemption certificate with parents.
For more information, please contact Vietnamese Embassy in your country.

2. To children : Children will be exempted from doing Visa if they share the same passport with parents or they have to do Visa as an adult.